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( My therapist calls this "venting".)


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Jeff's thought of the week

I am so SICK of shoppers who block the isle so others can't get by! Why don't they paint lines on the floor and treat it like a road? Then I could RAM THEM AND THEIR DAMN CART OUT OF MY WAY! "Oh sorry sir, but you cart crossed the centerline into my lane." "So I had no choice but to RAM YOUR FRIGGIN'CART INTO THE CANNED VEGETABLES!!!"


I was at an ice cream shop today getting a shake. I was looking at the LONG list of flavors to choose from. It occurred to me... there are no MEAT flavors! Wouldn't that be cool! just imagine; "I'd like two scoops of hot dog ice cream on a sugar cone please." Or how about; "Could I have a large chicken shake to go please?" Am I the only one to think up things like roast beef sundays? I should open my own ice cream store... I'd be RICH!

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