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They say dogs have a keen sense of smell. So why do they like to roll around in somthing dead? Or sniff each others butts?


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Jeff's thought of the week

Dogs: Griz and Bubba. Bubba is the one on the right.

Griz and Bubba jpg

Griz is a big gentle baby. If you go out and buy him a $10.00 chew toy, he will proceed to bury it right away. Griz would much rather chew on his water dish.
Bubba is a little moocher. He will mooch just about any food you may be eating. He loves apples, carrots, bannanas, yogurt, you name it, he will eat it!

We have five cats: Dusty, Seven, Junior, Puffy, Lucky. Each has his or her own attitude. Also, they each sleep 23 hours a day, on a stack of clean clothes if they can find one!

puffy sleeping jpg

No, it ain't dead, he's just sleeping! This is puffy, enjoying his favorite activity: sleep.
Puffy was named after the rap star puff daddy. I don't know why! Maybe 'cause they are both black? Heck, maybe 'cause I enjoy them both best when I can't hear their racket!