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Things that PISS ME OFF!!!


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This is where you can read about my latest rant.

Things that piss me off!
(Not in any particular order)
1) People who don't use their turn signal.
2) Anybody who mistreats a child or woman.
3) Insects.
4) People who refuse to eat their pizza crusts, but pay an extra
    $5.00 to eat bread sticks!
5) Anybody who tries to make me feel guilty for something
    that somebody else did before I was even born!
6) All the people who go to the mall to walk just for exercise,
    and then take all the front row parking spaces!
7) When there's only 6 inches of T.P. left on the roll
     and I need to use it, and there's no refill in sight.
8)  Tax increases of any kind, and for any reason,
     no matter how noble the cause.
9) Getting caught offguard with a sudden sneeze while
    I'm brushing my teeth and looking
    into the bathroom mirror!
10) People who get in my way at the grocery store
      by blocking the isle with their cart while
      they brouse the shelves.
11) On the hottest day of summer, somebody always has
      to walk up to me and say: "Is it hot enough for ya?"
      Or when they say: " It's not the heat, but the humidity,"
12) When somebody intentionally parks their car to take up
      two parking spaces, so nobody can park next to them.
      As though their car is better than everyone else's. 
13) When a song gets stuck in my head all day long!
      It's usually one of my son's kiddie show songs
      Like: Blues clues or Dora the explorer.
14) Telemarketers
If you have anything you'd like to see on this list, send me an E-mail, or sign the guestbook on the home page. Give me your
suggestion and I will give it my consideration.

The attack of 9-11...
now THAT really pissed me off!!!

I hate soccer!

McDonalds rant!
Ever looked at the plastic lid they put on your drink at McDonalds? Ya know they've got those little buttons they push down to indicate if you have diet cola or other. Have you ever noticed they've got brail writing next to the buttons also! BRAIL ,FRIGGIN BRAIL!!!  If a blind person is with a seeing person he can just ask the seeing person what drink is theirs! If he is alone, there'd be no one to get his drink mixed up with now would there!!!??? What are the odds that TWO blind people would go into McDonalds WITHOUT someone who can see, And then order DIFFERENT drinks???!!!! And another question... they don't have brail sandwich packages now do they????!!! So how are these two blind people gonna tell their sandwiches apart???? I'd say the exec's at McDonalds had better get on this right away!!! OBVIOUSLY these brail markings on the lids are just there to make ordinary people look and say..."aaawwww look, McDonalds is sensitive to the needs of blind people."
What a crock!

Store checkout pet-peeves!
I've made a special section just for this topic. 'Cause I got a bunch!
  1. People who don't even take out their checkbook until the clerk has everything rung up.( come on folks lets speed things up here!)
  2. Why do I always get behind someone who has never used a credit/debit card before? Then the clerk has to walk them through each step!
  3. When I'm checking out in the 20 items or less line, it pisses me off to see the guy in front of me with about 50 items!(come on mister that aint even close!)
  4. Why is it that I always get the checkout clerk who just got hired that day.
  5. Why do they always ask if I want my milk in a bag? Who cares? You never ask if I want my pop in a bag. Just do it whatever way you normally do it!
  6. I hate getting something that won't scan on the little laser thing the've got. Then they have to get on the big speaker thing to anounce to the world that I'm buying tampons.(they're for my wife...really!)
  7. When the clerk hands me my change and then can't wait for me to put it into my wallet before crowding me out of the way. Come on lady, gimme just a second here!

I hate political correctness!
In other words:
 Going out of my way so as to not hurt anybody's feelings verbally.
Here are some examples:
  1. Homeless: It refers to someone who sleeps in the park or an alley or on the sidewalk. These people used to be called BUMS.
  2. Hyphonated labels like, African-American: It refers to a black American. What's wrong with being called black? I'm white, not European-American. Should I be offended by being labeled white? And actually, there are a lot of white people in Africa too. Perhaps we should ALL just be labeled as just plain AMERICANS. No more of these hyponated names or labels.
  3. Wetlands: It refers to a marsh or usually flooded area. Usually infested with mosquitos and other disease carrying pests. For some reason, some people want to "save the wetlands"... what the heck for? Are mosquitos and rats on the endangered species list? These areas used to be called swamps. But nobody likes swamps, so they had to come up with a more virtuous name.
  4. Mentally and physically challenged: We are ALL mentally or physically challenged in some way or another. For example: when I struggle to lift my son from his carseat THAT is physically challenging to me. What's wrong with calling people  handicapped or retarded?