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Jeffs' shout!
Final stop: Disneyworld!


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

It's hard to believe our dream vacation is almost over. Why, it seems like we were just handed that great big cardboard lottery check on T.V! But, it will be nice to get home. Now we can buy all the "toys" we want and not have to worry about shipping them home!
No vacation would be complete without a stop at Disneyworld. So we spent a week in the Orlando area to tour the Magic Kingdom!

I had to get my picture with Mickey Mouse!
What a character!

I took a minute to get my picture with Mickey here. He was nice enough, But he smelled like alcohol. I wonder if they screen these people for drugs and alcohol regularly? But I suppose, if I had a job like his, it would drive me to drink too! Come to think of it, If I had to work AT ALL it might drive me to drink, HA!


There were a couple of unusually cool days during our visit to disneyworld. But otherwise it was great.
We got our picture here with Pluto, He's the one in the middle.

I told Mary: "Darnit, if we are multi-millionairs, then we should sure as heck start living like multimillionairs!"
So I told her I was going to play golf at a nearby coarse.
Mary said: "All this money is making you into a snob."
So she told me I could go, but only if I promised NOT to BUY any country clubs.
Darn... that woman can read my mind!

Will said my putter was pathetic, he loaned me his
I swiped mine from the nearby Pee-wee coarse.

I met Will Smith at the clubhouse and he joined me for a round of golf. We had a great time. Will thought it was funny that each time I made a shot I wasn't happy with, I would just grab another ball and try again.