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Jeffs' shout!
Week 13: Mexico!


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

Gee, like we tried to time it out like this or something. We wound up in Mexico, just in time for Cinco De Miyo! It really just worked out like this. What great timing! As you may already know, Cinco De Miyo is like the American Independence day.
Also, while in Mexico, we retraced some of Mary's Mexican roots.

Here we are at a cafe in Salvaterra, Mary's ancestral hometown.

Mary was asked to pose for Latina mag.
She's developing quite a following in Mexico!

We spent a few days in Salvaterra, Then flew out to Mexico city for the big Cinco de Miyo festival. .There were a lot of celebrities in town to perform at the festival. The folks at Latina magazine arranged for us to meet some of them

This is a street in Salvaterra
There are a lot of old cars in Mexico

Mary got my picture with Jennifer Lopez
She perfomed at the concert.

I've heard some people poke fun of J-LO for having a big butt. I dunno what they were talking about, her butt looked fine to me! (Not that I was looking!)

I wanted to go to Acapoco, Mary insisted on Tiajuana. I kept telling her Tiajuana wasn't a very "high-class" town, But she insisted. So I put my wallet in my front pocket and tried to look tough.

Real classy parking garage!

We saw this sign in Tiajuana
I thought it was funny

Mary got to show off her viola skills.
She joined a mariachi band for an evening.

We saw these guys while driving to Tiajuana.
I guess they have no seat belt laws down here!