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Jeffs' shout!
week eight: Little trouble in BIG China.


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

($$$$   Thanks to the Illinois lottery!   $$$$ )

This page has sound!

We flew up to Beijing to see the city and the great wall. It was awesome! Walking around in Beijing made me feel really tall! Cause everyone in China is kinda short, well, almost everyone! I couldn't wait to try the food. I'd been having a craving for some good Chinese food since we left Italy.

And you thought double-decker buses were only in London!

Mary just loved shopping in Beijing!

The great wall!
I wanted to stand on the side railing, but Mary wouldn't let me.

China is on both sides of the wall. You'd think they would have built the wall at their border! Heck we were at LEAST a hundred miles from the Russian border!
I mean, would you build a fence down the middle of your yard? DUH!
But the wall was impressive, even if it served no purpose but to draw tourists.

Jackie got a little tipsy!

While in Hong Kong, Mary stopped me and said: "Hey, that guy looks like Jackie Chan!" I said: " Mary, we're in China, EVERYBODY looks like Jackie Chan!" But Mary was right. We introduced ourselves and hit it off great! The three of us hung out for two days! He showed us all the neat places and shops in Hong Kong. He was very freindly! At the second days end we landed in a bar, where Jackie drank a little too much. We had a GREAT time!


Jackie took this pic of us.
Overlooking Hong Kong harbor.

The harbor in Hong Kong is called "Fragrant Harbor" Dont ask me why, I couldnt smell a darn thing but the ocean!

After lunch, Jackie thought it was funny that-
- I got a little stain on my shirt.