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Jeffs' shout!
Week seven: Illinois Jeff and the cave of doom.


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.
(Coutresy of the Illinois Lottery.)
Mary got this pic of me with a little cow.
I couldn't believe they just walk loose in the streets.

This page has sound!

We flew from Sri Lanka to Calcutta India. After checking into our hotel, Mary and I made our way to a busy little bar to relax a while. There we met an english speaking man who was a local museum curator. He told us about a piece the museum had been seeeking for a long time. It is an ancient idol kept deep within a treacherous cave. Of coarse I had to volunteer for the adventure! Mary snapped the photo below as we had a few drinks.

Mary and I hired some men to carry our gear through the jungle to the treasure cave. The elephants were Mary's idea, she wanted to be up off the ground. Snakes really bother her. I told her she should worry more about the tigers. The little Chinese kid's name is... well actually, I don't know his name. I just called him "short round".

It's hard to beat a marchete to cut through the dense jungle!

Our guides got scared for their lives and ran away when we got to the cave. They kept screaming something about "the curse" as they ran. I couldn't understand the rest of their jibberish. There's only so much a guy can translate in a little hindu-english dictionary. Everyone should speak english darnit!!

Snatching the idol from the cave was easy compared to all the theives who tried to steal it from Mary and I. I kicked their asses! Maybe if those skinny guys would eat beef they'd be a little... beefier!