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Jeffs' shout!
Week four: Club Med!


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.


(courtesy of the Illinois lottery)

Well we finally got off dry land. I was lucky to find a yacht to charter. The captain has agreed to take us though the mediterranian sea. The boat is only a 53 footer, But it is nicely furnished, And the crew speaks english (thank god!). Mary and I bought new scuba gear before we left Italy since we didn't bring ours with us. Since we are both PADI certified master divers, It felt good to get the gear on again!

us on the chartered yacht.jpg


While we were at the port of Moracco, we watched these curious dolphins swimming around the boat. They were probably looking for a handout. Since we were in no hurry to get to the casino, we deceided to go for a little dive with our visitors.

hungry visitors



While Mary and I were goofing around with the dolphins, we were taken by suprise by the above sight! We didn't recognize it at first, It's a harmless whaleshark. I'd estimate it to be about 17 feet long, just a baby. Adult whalesharks grow to about twice that size.

Casino in Maracco

While ashore in Moracco, I lost... I mean gambled away a few thousand. I was actually up by about $26,000 but it goes away quick when you sit at the $1,000 blackjack table.
To the left is the casino Mary and I spent part of the day in.

Patras Cathedral

This is Mary and I at the Greek city of Patras. This is no doubt the most beautiful city I have visited yet! Here we are in front of a cathedral there. It seems everyone over here takes their Religion VERY seriously, and that's fine.

The captain told me I couldn't take all the champaign I brought from France to our next destination. He said the Egyptian customs officers will confiscate it. So on our last night in Greece, I asked the crew to join Mary and I for a little party. Eight bottles makes for a nice little party, and a big hangover...aaaugghhh!