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Jeffs' shout!
Week three: EUROPE!


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

(courtesy of the Illinois Lottery.)

Can't ANYONE speak english?

Money talks!

Airport security

Mary and I got an early flight out of New York, first class of coarse. When we got to the airport I was able to snap a picture of the Concorde landing,Wow what a plane! Too bad we already booked a United flight to Paris! When we finally got up to the security checkpoint, The guy wanted me to remove my shoes! I told the smartass to remove them himself! After a heated arguement, I looked at Mary and said: "Lets go fly the Concorde!"

concorde landing

Leave it to the French to make a plane that looks down its nose when it lands!

So Mary and I ditched the United tickets and walked up to this snoodie lookin' guy at the Air France ticket counter. When I told him I wanted to fly the Concorde he looked at me and said "you need to book at least 6 days in advance." So I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and dropped it on the counter. He picked it up with his index finger and thumb like it was a dirty kleenex. "did you drop this sir?" he said. So I threw 5 more down to get his attention! Then he cracked a little smile and said, " I'll need to see your passports please."


Naturally, the flight was very luxurious! The attendant even got a little pillow for me to put my feet on after I kicked off my shoes. Flying supersonic was a real thrill also! Going trans-sonic presented just a very minor vibration that lasted about 30 seconds, then it was extremely smooth. The flight to Paris only took about 3 hours, that's half the time of any other airliner! It was really worth the $5400 one way each cost.


This is really the only reason I wanted to go to Paris. And yes it was worth it. The Eiffel tower was awesome! But when you hear someone tell you that french waiters are snotty, you'd better believe it! I mean, I had to sit there and argue with the guy about how to pronounce "crossant"! Mary still says all this money is making me act like a snob.


Below is Mary with me in Venice. It was a beautiful city, I really loved Italy. Our hotel was across the canal from a chapel, It's bells rang out some wonderful sounds. When Mary and I first checked in, We were so tired. We got up to our room and took a nap right away. The only thing that was strange: All the pizza we had was lousy! I mean, you'd think Italians would know how to make pizza for crying out loud!



Below: Mary and I spent two days at a small Inn in the Swiss Alps, I plan to buy a vacation home here.