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Jeffs' shout!
Week two: We LOVE New York!


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

(Thanks to the Illinois lottery!)

N.Y. police door

Above: we stopped to get a picture here. I don't know why, just some neat looking doors.
To the right: Is a pic of Mary and I at the New York Hard Rock cafe. The food was...ok. Not anything to write home about. Oops, I'm writing home about it!

N.Y. hard rock cafe

Mary and I flew out of O'hare wednesday. We flew in a united airlines 767. I told Mary we were only flying first class, cause the people are less trashy. She said all this money is turning me into a snob.
So after we settled into our seats, I glanced over at the person sitting next to me. He looked just like Ray Romano! So I whispered to Mary on my other side, " is that guy Raymond?" She leaned forward and looked at him, He was reading a book and oblivious to our whispering. Mary froze! She was speachless. I could tell by the look on her face that it was him. By now, Raymond noticed Mary staring at him. He looked over and said a polite "hello". Mary just lost it and burst out "Hey your Raymond!" He smiled and said "yes I am, and you are..." And with that he reached across me to Mary and gave her a freindly handshake. Mary said, " I'm married- I mean Mary, this is my husband Jeff". And with that, we struck up a nice conversation for the rest of the flight. It turned out he was going to New York to meet his co-star to shoot a commercial for Doritos. He said he would be in the big apple for a few days. Raymond then did something that really blew Mary away, he invited us to dinner with himself and Patty. We didn't have any plans so we accepted.

Dinner with Ray and Patty

At the Doritos commercial set

During our dinner with Ray and Patty (Patricia Heaton), Ray invited us to the commercial shoot the next day. Here we are with Raymonds agent Carl Arbor. Carl said I have real marketing potential. I gave him my number, but I'm not holding my breath for his call.

Four seasons hotel lobby

We are staying at the four seasons hotel. Rooms go for $495-$695 per night. Above is a pic I snapped in the lobby. It's nice, But every time we return to the hotel, I am hassled by the doorman. The guy says: " guests and visitors ONLY allowed in the hotel, sir." And so the next time, I did the old " you got something on your shirt trick" and then bopped him in the nose with my index finger and said " GOTCHA!"
Mary says I'm bad.