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Jeffs' shout!
Week one: Chicago


Stuff for sale:
Our DREAM vacation.

(courtesy of the Illinois lottery!)

Well... the Illinois lottery finally made good on our winnings! I'm sure glad Mary convinced me to take the lump sum payment! We decided to blow a big chunk of the money on a vacation before the baby gets here.

We started out our trip in Chicago. We plan to stay in Chicago this week, Then it's off to New York! I'll continue these updates on my new laptop and digital camera. As long as the hotel we are in has a data port for me to get online.

our room

Here we are at our hotel's dining room. We are staying at the Royal millenium nickerbocker hotel. The hotel is on the posh Michigan avenue in downtown Chicago. Mary says she really feels like a fish out of water with all the royal treatment!


I snapped this as we crossed the street, Busy place.

art museum

I got a passerby to take this picture of us in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was afraid the guy was gonna run off with my new digital camera! But he turned out to be a real nice guy. He said he was from Milwaukee and came to town to visit his mother. So I slipped a hundred in his pocket and told him to buy her something nice.

our room

Above is a picture of our room. Hey... fully stocked fridge, I'm set! You should see the view! I can't take a pic through the glass cause the flash screws up or something. I can't figure out this darn camera! Mary won't let me open the window, she say's "it's too cold!"
Hey, you should've been there when we checked in! I walked up to this snoodie lookin old guy behind the counter and said: "Pardon me...would you happen to have any, grey poopoun?" Mary just walked off like she didn't know me! I really gotta get her to loosen up. Once I gave that old guy a few hundred bucks HE loosened up a bit! Heck...I think he almost cracked a smile! That guy was so uptight I bet you couldn't even shove a peanut up his but!(not that I would want to)
Anyway, I gotta go. Mary wants to go shopping tomorrow at Neiman Marcus. And I still have a 6-pack of beer in the fridge to finish before bed.